Monday, September 5, 2011

A Fresh Start

I started a blog once before. It was a miserable failure. I never updated, my writing was awkward, and I had maybe five readers (all whom I knew in the real world). But recently I've wanted to begin blogging again. Rather than trying to rescue and reestablish my previous train wreck, I thought I'd start anew.

So here it is. My new blog.

It's a bit daunting since I was very bad about my other one, but I am also excited to share myself with anyone who wants to hear me. I want to share my knitting, my baking, my wedding-ing, and have an online community to welcome these things as I welcome posts from the blogs I follow.

I lift my unfortunately lukewarm cup of coffee and toast to new beginnings!

Hope to hear from some readers soon :)

~ Love Laurie