Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easy Breakfast Hash

Once more, a salty breakfast. I really am on a roll with making new ways to eat salt in the morning. This time it's a Breakfast Hash (at least that's what I'm calling it).

I added some bacon grease to give it a meaty flavor without having to use any. The egg adds protein though, and I almost always have a glass of raw milk with it, and it makes enough to actually keep you full until lunch so I'm in love. Feel free to throw more veggies in, I like it the way it is, but I usually have raw broccoli or raw green beans or something on the side to make up for that.

Easy Breakfast Hash
serves 1

1 medium potato, shredded with skin on
1/4 onion, diced
2 T coconut oil
1 T bacon grease (saved from grass-fed bacon please!)
1 egg (the first time I made this I had a local duck egg left over and it was fantasticcccc)
1/4 cup shredded cheese (I like cheddar)
salt and pepper to taste

First, dice your onion. I like to dice a whole onion at a time and freeze it so it's ready for moments like these. Throw about 1/4 of the onion into a pan with coconut oil and bacon grease, cook until they are translucent.

While the onions cook, shred your potato using a cheese grater or if you have a food processor that should work too. Once the onions are ready, dump your potato pile on top of them and give it a good stir. I like to salt it at this time (my husband hates pepper so I never use it, but it would be reeeeeallyyy good here).

Let it cook on a medium high heat until the bottom of the potato heap starts to brown. Stir it again and let it brown some more. You're not looking for perfect crispyness, but you don't want everything mushy either. At this point I crack my egg into a glass and scramble it. If you like sunnyside up eggs, make them separately and place on top of potato mixture. I don't, so I pour the scrambled egg over my potato and onions and stir for just over a minute letting it cook through.

It should smell great right now. I dump it out onto a plate, grate some cheese over it, and garnish with cilantro if you'd like (I like it on everything), and enjoy! I think this is my new favorite!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Wild Orange Salt Soap

I have a new soap up in my Etsy store, it's my Wild Orange Salt Soap. I am very excited about it! I've been wanting to make a salt soap for a long time, and now that I have, I really love it! I read several posts on the subject before attempting it, but can't the find the one that helped me the most so I can't link to it (I know, the equivalent of Internet Backstabbing, sorry!).

Anyway, I used coconut oil as the main oil, which I don't usually like because I find it a bit drying, but the salt destroys lather so I needed to use an oil that lathers well. I also added shea butter and an ounce of sweet almond oil and as always I used coconut milk as my liquid, so it still turned out really nice. The Wild Orange Essential Oil  I used makes it smell sweet, invigorating, and like summer. I think it's my new favorite essential oil!

The thing I like about this bar soap, is that the bar itself got really hard, more like a store bought soap, and it doesn't exfoliate in a scratchy way. You don't really notice it at all, but when you rinse off and get out of the shower your skin feels much smoother!

So go ahead and buy a bar and bring a bit of the beach home with you!

If you make your own soap and are interested in trying a salt soap, feel free to comment and ask for help! Or buy a bar to see how you like it before wasting ingredients :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Crispy Oniony Potatoes

I don't know about you, but when I wake up in the morning, not only am I starving, but I want a full dinner-like meal. And I need it to be covered in salt. I pretty much wake up in the morning and am temporarily that salt creature from Star Trek. (This is what my childhood thrived on... oh the quality acting)

That is pretty much how I feel when I stumble out of bed at 5am, except no one is going to laser me to death when I feel the need to add a full teaspoon of salt to my breakfast (don't judge!). All of these recipes that I see for soaked oatmeal and muffins and the like sound fantastic, but I know that I'll wake up the next morning, skip my soaked oats and eat some cold leftovers from the night before.

So this is one of my favorite salty breakfasts. It is fast, easy, cheap, and all real food. My husband loves this as well!

Crispy Oniony Potatoes
serves 1

1 medium potato (please read here about why potatoes are one of the most important veggies to buy organic!)
1/4 medium onion, diced
1 t fresh rosemary or 1/2 t dried
2 T coconut oil
1 T grass-fed butter (I make my own, but Kerrygold is a good brand carried by most stores.)
Salt to taste (I'm not gonna say how much that is for me...)

Melt coconut oil and butter in skillet over high heat and let it get nice and hot for a minute or two. If it's not hot enough then the potatoes won't fry, they'll just soak up the oil. Then throw your potatoes and salt in. If you are using dried rosemary, add it now. If you're using fresh, wait until you add the onions. Let them cook for approximately 5 minutes without stirring (agony!) and once they look golden brown and crunchy give them a good stir and flip any potatoes that land back on their already-fried-side. Let them cook again without stirring but they'll probably brown faster so go ahead and get your plates out, wash some dishes, etc. Just stay close and keep an eye on them. Before you stir again, add the diced onion and rosemary. If you add them too soon they'll burn so you really want to add them near the end. Cook until the onions are tender and scoop out onto a plate. Even though you probably want to devour them immediately, wait a minute or two otherwise the hot inside of the potato will destroy your mouth. Then, enjoy!

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