Monday, April 22, 2013

Wild Orange Salt Soap

I have a new soap up in my Etsy store, it's my Wild Orange Salt Soap. I am very excited about it! I've been wanting to make a salt soap for a long time, and now that I have, I really love it! I read several posts on the subject before attempting it, but can't the find the one that helped me the most so I can't link to it (I know, the equivalent of Internet Backstabbing, sorry!).

Anyway, I used coconut oil as the main oil, which I don't usually like because I find it a bit drying, but the salt destroys lather so I needed to use an oil that lathers well. I also added shea butter and an ounce of sweet almond oil and as always I used coconut milk as my liquid, so it still turned out really nice. The Wild Orange Essential Oil  I used makes it smell sweet, invigorating, and like summer. I think it's my new favorite essential oil!

The thing I like about this bar soap, is that the bar itself got really hard, more like a store bought soap, and it doesn't exfoliate in a scratchy way. You don't really notice it at all, but when you rinse off and get out of the shower your skin feels much smoother!

So go ahead and buy a bar and bring a bit of the beach home with you!

If you make your own soap and are interested in trying a salt soap, feel free to comment and ask for help! Or buy a bar to see how you like it before wasting ingredients :)

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